Saturday, 12 November 2016

No7 Beautiful Skin Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream

Hello Lovelies,

So this week I went for an interview with Boots for a temporary Christmas staff position, I have been to a lot of interviews recently and so I was not too nervous leading up to the interview, however once I got there and it started they certainty kicked in! Mostly because I wanted the job so much, I love all things beauty and Boots is a place I have a lot of interest and passion for so I would love to be apart of a company which I love and admire so much, this was my answer to the question 'Why do you do you want to work for Boots' but due to nerves it came out in abit of a jumbley order!

Now this post is not just about my interview, but it is definitely inspired by it!
As prep for my interview I was asked to choose a product to talk about and then try sell to my interviewer. The product I chose was No7 Beautiful Skin Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream, which I recently purchased and has since become  a favorite of mine.

As with all my reviews I like to read other reviews to get my overall general opinion from others to compare to my own opinion. This hand cream has divided opinions, many have said the formula is too greasy and the smell is strong and can be easily disliked.

I absolutely love the feel and texture of the product, a little goes a long way, if you use too much in one go it can feel abit greasy so only a small amount is needed. It feels luxurious and a treat to use.
It has really helped to nourish my hands, being an art student my skin comes into contact with a lot of different materials such as paint and plaster which causes dryness so I need a hand cream I can rely on and this is it, it is a great staple product.

It is a little pricey at £9.00 however I purchased with a No7 £5 off voucher which you can get sometimes if you are signed up to a Boots points card.

Let me know if you had tried this product or what hand creams are your favorites!

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