Monday, 21 November 2016

NYX Lid Lingerie: Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today I want to talk about NYX's Lid Lingerie Eyeshadow Tint, which I bought in shade Whimsy when shopping in Leeds recently and fell in love with the entire range!

Available in many beautiful colours this range has a very elegant feel and aesthetic to it.
The different hues are absolutely gorgeous, from pale nudes to electric blues and pinks, even their names are enough to fall in love with such as 'Whimsy' 'Evening Spell' and 'Rose Pearl'
which are just a few of my favorites.

It's an excellent compact size, as it comes with an applicator it is an all in one product as no brush is needed. It is also very easy to apply.

The shade Whimsy has a lovely subtle pink metallic sheen to it and the formula is build able to create any look you like.  

What swayed me most with this product was that it reminded me of the Maybeline colour tattoo cream eyeshadows which I have been a fan of for many years. The formula and finish are very similar and both are very durable. Although Maybelline range is a little cheaper at the price of £4.99 
I do prefer the NYX range because they offer larger range of colours compared to Maybelline and I also love that it comes with an applicator as I am the kind of person who can be quite heavy handed with make up and feel I get a better finish from using my hands and fingers compared to a brush however the applicator works really well and is easy to use. When using the Maybelline colour tattoo I found it quite difficult to use a brush and to messy to use my hands.  

Let me know if you've tried NYX Lid Lingerie and what your favorite colour is.

Thanks for reading 

Saturday, 12 November 2016

No7 Beautiful Skin Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream

Hello Lovelies,

So this week I went for an interview with Boots for a temporary Christmas staff position, I have been to a lot of interviews recently and so I was not too nervous leading up to the interview, however once I got there and it started they certainty kicked in! Mostly because I wanted the job so much, I love all things beauty and Boots is a place I have a lot of interest and passion for so I would love to be apart of a company which I love and admire so much, this was my answer to the question 'Why do you do you want to work for Boots' but due to nerves it came out in abit of a jumbley order!

Now this post is not just about my interview, but it is definitely inspired by it!
As prep for my interview I was asked to choose a product to talk about and then try sell to my interviewer. The product I chose was No7 Beautiful Skin Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream, which I recently purchased and has since become  a favorite of mine.

As with all my reviews I like to read other reviews to get my overall general opinion from others to compare to my own opinion. This hand cream has divided opinions, many have said the formula is too greasy and the smell is strong and can be easily disliked.

I absolutely love the feel and texture of the product, a little goes a long way, if you use too much in one go it can feel abit greasy so only a small amount is needed. It feels luxurious and a treat to use.
It has really helped to nourish my hands, being an art student my skin comes into contact with a lot of different materials such as paint and plaster which causes dryness so I need a hand cream I can rely on and this is it, it is a great staple product.

It is a little pricey at £9.00 however I purchased with a No7 £5 off voucher which you can get sometimes if you are signed up to a Boots points card.

Let me know if you had tried this product or what hand creams are your favorites!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Classic Red: L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Polish

Hello Lovelies,

Today's post is about nail polish as I have decided to try get back into painting my nails.
For a long time I have given up on nail polish because of my everyday lifestyle, being an art student my hands are usually messy and often already covered in paint! But not the pretty and flattering kind unfortunately, so I have decided I want to have nice nails for a change even if they don't last long.

I decided on the L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Polish in shade Femme Fatale, I believe this range has had a bit of a revamp and changed the bottle and possibly the formula.

I have chosen Femme Fatale, a classic red which is lovely and bold, it's a bright colour to compliment any style. I am always draw the classic girly colours such as reds, pinks and purples. This colour was a great go to for me.

It applied really well and easily. I found I only needed one coat for a clean nice finish. Fairly quick dry, I like to watch an episode of something while I wait so I did not time it completely but I would say 5-10 minutes. I absolutely love the colour however  I am disappointed with the durability, these chipped really easily, the tops have chipped a fair abit but could easily be topped up to look like new so not all bad if you don't mind repainting them. This is not a strong and durable formula on its own, I did not use a top coat so perhaps that would help.

I would recommend as this range comes with a lot a great colours and is really nice and elegant but it lacks in durability so next time I shall be wearing a topcoat!

I hope this review was helpful, let me know some of your recommendations below!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Face mask Friday: Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay Review

Today I am sitting with the  Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay on my face whilst I catch up on the new series of New Girl and write this review.

The first thing I want to say about this mask is that it smells lovely, it really smells of roses, making it feel like a luxury to use! I would say it is strong in fragrance which can be irritable for sensitive skin so I would bare that in mind.

Image result for Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay o

This is such an elegant product, it contains small jojoa beads which help to exfoliate and draw out dirt and smooth the skin as you apply the formula. Apply in circular motions gain  helping to refine the texture of skin and polish it off. It's a lovely pinky colour and tightens on the face. It's a fairly thin consistently as it is clay it is not to thick.

Take off once completely dry, gently wash under warm water taking care with the jojoba as can be harsh on sensitive skin.

I have to say I did not notice a whole lot of difference with this mask, I felt it helped to take away some dry patches and smooth it but I did not feel it was particularly brightening.
It is a very nice product however  I feel for the price you can get something very similar if not better for a lot less. The fragrance and overall aesthetic of the product is what I feel adds on the price.

I hope this review was helpful. Let me know if you've ever tried this mask and what it done for you, or if you haven't let me know what your  favorite facemask/beauty treatment
I would love to know!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mask Mondays : Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask

Today I am reviewing the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask.
I bought this product after reviewing many reviews raving about how good it was
and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I was on the look out for an inexpensive charcoal mask to help cleanse my skin. Charcoal masks are very good for detoxifying the face, cleansing pores and clearing away dirt. Priced at £3.59 this product is excellent if you're on a budget like me, the only down side is that it is only a 50ml tube however it's usually on  a 3 for 2 offer so you can make the most of it.

Image result for Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Read more at

The formula is a very dark grey, almost black colour as you would expect being charcoal. I found I had to use quite a bit to properly layer it on my face, however it's down to preference you could use a thin layer if you wanted, but I tend to feel I get more out of the products benefits if I am abit heavy handed with it!

The mask tightens a little and is drying but not overly so. It is recommended to leave it on for a maximum of 15 minutes but I feel like because its not overly drying I can leave it on longer whilst I watch a YouTube video or something, when you notice it cracking I would take it off.

The product has definitely helped to smooth out my skin, once washing it off my face felt clean and fresh. My blackheads are worse around my chin area and I did notice a reduction but not as great as I expected, however it made more effect in other areas such as my nose and forehead which I am pleased about.

I am happy with this product, it does what it says on the tin and it is great for oily/blemish prone skin. I feel it is the kind of product you need to use regularly to see a big change.

Overall this mask is a nice treat for your face when in need of a deep cleanse, it's very affordable and for a boots own brand it has good results.

I would recommend!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Skincare Diaries Entry 2: Cool it

Dear Reader,

Today I wanted to talk about my current skin situation, as unpleasant as it may be spots and general blemishes is something we all suffer from at some point in our lives, and I am in a consent battle with my skin to keep it happy and in result keep myself happy.

I have blemish prone skin and suffer mild acne, I do my best to manage it by following a daily skincare routine (if you're interested in what I do and what products I currently use you can read my blogpost about it here:

When a new spot appears or I can feel it coming it can be sore and sensitive, in the past I have used the old toothpaste tip and applied it over night which does help to stop the spot developing by drying it out, but it is too drying but me, yes it helps but does replace one problem with another as I am left with dry patches. This is where my new method comes into play, ICE! Totally inexpensive and soothing method for reducing the appearance
of spots.

Here's how I have been using ice on my skin

Step 1: Take some ice cubes (1 per spot)
Step 2: Wrap in a paper towel (Never apply directly on the skin-risk of ice burn)
Step 3: Place on affected area until ice melts and area goes numb (I have heard different things about how long to leave it own for, I personally just like to leave it on until it melts or until the affected area feels numb.
Step 4: Wash face and pat dry

Ice helps to reduce the inflammation of the spot and helps to soothe it. It is also good for helping the skin appear more plump and fresh.

This is by no means a cure, it simply aids in the healing process. 

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Skincare Diaries

Dear Readers,

Today I have decided to start a skincare diary to record how I care for my skin on a daily basis, I will talk about my routine and what products like I use, some new products and some old favorites that I feel are a good staple to have.

I have acne/blemish prone skin, everyday feels like a battle with a skin as I try better to understand what it likes and dislikes. My skin has been breaking out a fair bit recently, I get spots, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, these aren't pleasant and they do really affect my confidence sometimes.I don't like to wear makeup often as it isn't great for my skin so covering up with excessive amounts of concealer on a daily basis isn't something I want to do.

I have tried many products and methods for calming the affects of acne and some are more effective than others but there is no miracle cure and expensive products aren't always the most effective. I am a poor student on a budget and try to make a saving when I can.

Now, blemishes are caused by a build up of bacteria on the skin, the bacteria will hide in your pores and often get trapped resulting in nasty blackheads. I have learnt that anything that is anti-bacterial is your friend, and at the moment tea tree oil and lemon juice are my best friends. Tea tree oil is great for fighting bacteria and can be purchased in a variety of different ways, pure tea tree oil is great to use but it has to be diluted, I keep a mixture of water and tea tree oil in a dispensing pump bottle and use it as a cleanser every morning/night to wash my face. As for lemon juice, I like to slice a fresh lemon and with my water bottle infuser place two slices inside and fill with water, refiling throughout the day, lemon is another good anti-bacterial, the acidic acid helps break down bacteria and is great for the skins complexion.

Going back to the title of this post 'Skincare Diaries' I am going to journal my skincare routine, talk about what I do, what products I use, new breakouts and how my skin is generally feeling

Today I am using four products to wash, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise my skin

  1. Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water 
  2. Boots Botanics Purifying Face Scrub All Bright
  3. Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash
  4. Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser

I feel like micellar water has been everywhere this year and has really grown in popularity encouraging many brands to start using it. This special water is targeted at removing makeup whilst cleansing and purifying the skin. For me it is a product I will use for just about everything, I fin it great for taking my makeup off, but I especially like to use it as a morning/night cleanser after washing my face I apply it using a cotton pad and tab around my face, I like it as you don't have to rinse it off so I feel like leaving it on my face I am constantly benefiting from it.

Once I've cleansed, I then exfoliate with the Boots Botanics Purifying Face Scrub All Bright, this smells and feels really nice on my face, it uses crushed apricot seeds to scrub away impurities, I make sure to massage into my skin, taking care around delicate areas and concentrating on areas I feel need more attention, which at the moment is my chin as that is where most of my breakouts occur.

I feel then wash this off using warm water, once all the product is gone off my face I will then wash my face with the Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash, this is a new product I have introduce to my routine, after being a fan of the Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser for so long I decided to try it in combination with the face wash to see if this would enhance the benefits. I am a massive fan of Simple products, they are a brand I have used for many years, as my skin changes from being dry, oily and sensitive some products have chemicals that can be irritable, I have always from Simple great if I know my skin needs cleaning and moisurising but I just don't know how other products my affect it, the Simple range has been a staple in my skincare collection.

I liked using the face wash, it was easy to use, it felt a little like a gentle scrub as it felt like it had little beeds in it, which were great for targeting my pores, but having already used the face scrub I feel in future I would not use both at the same time. 

The moisturiser is great for my skin, I love! it doesn't irritate my skin and it is very absorbent, I like to use it on days I go to the gym. I don't notice results from day one but I interested to try use the face wash with the moisturiser over time to see results.

Once my skincare routine is done I will try find the energy to leave my cosy bed and face the day. If I am going to the gym I will make sure to wash my face afterwards, usually with a splash of water and micellar cleansing water and then reapply my moisturiser.

Thank you for reading,