Monday, 13 June 2016

Boots Skincare Haul!

So today I went into Boots with not intention other than to have a little browse, about an hour later I ended up purchasing some skincare products! 

What I got

Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask Anti-Blemish with Avocado and Gogi Berry £3.99 down from £5.99

Blistex Lip Brilliance Blushing SPF15 £1.29 down from £2.59

Boots Essentials Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask £1.50
Boots Essentials Cucumber Moisturising Cream £1.50


The Boots Essentials Range is my favorite little discovery, it's so affordable and is also a good product!

I have been using the 3 Minute Clay Mask recently and I have been loving it! It contains calming cucumber and vitamins to help cleanse and clear out impurities and excess oils from our pores, working to leave skin clean and toned. When using this mask I have been leaving it on for around 6 minutes until I feel it drying and tightening, so I that get the most out of it, after which I wash it off with a hot cloth. It really works to smooth and even out my skin, I definitely feel refreshed after using it, if you are unsure I would say it's definitely worth a try for the price!

I have used the facial scrub and found it really easy to apply and use, I used an exfoliator glove from Primark along side it. I like to use this before I put on any makeup as it works to clean, soften and clear away any dry patches on my skin, so that when it comes to apply makeup I am working with a clean base.

I can't fault this range, it has worked wonders for me and for the price these are products I would definitely repurchase. I have not used the Cucumber Moisturising Cream yet, so we will see what that is like, but I did have a smell and if you like cucumber you will like it, all of the Boots Essential products feel very pure and natural which is good for your skin.

The Good Things Five Minute Face Mask is something I have been wanting to try for a while and I thought I might as well seen as it was on offer. The face mask claims to "Make skin clearer, brighter and smoother, all at the same time. There's green clay and Kaolin to draw out impurities, avocado oil to moisturise, goji berry to extract to soothe and willow bark extract for radiance" To be honest I was sold on goji berry and avocado as they are two products which I had not seen together before and felt they sounded interesting. 

The Blistex Lip Brilliance Blushing SPF15 was a little last minute spare of the moment buy. I have always been a fan of the Blistex range as they have worked well in the past when I have suffered from dry lips. This is a great little product to throw in your everyday bag. It feels moisturising and gives a lovely pink tint. 

So thats about it for whatI got from Boots

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Definitely considering getting that face mask - I'm obsessed with face masks and always love trying new ones!

    1. I can relate! I've bought so many recently. The boots clay mask is really good for the price especially for something new to try :)