Thursday, 15 September 2016

Skincare Diaries Entry 2: Cool it

Dear Reader,

Today I wanted to talk about my current skin situation, as unpleasant as it may be spots and general blemishes is something we all suffer from at some point in our lives, and I am in a consent battle with my skin to keep it happy and in result keep myself happy.

I have blemish prone skin and suffer mild acne, I do my best to manage it by following a daily skincare routine (if you're interested in what I do and what products I currently use you can read my blogpost about it here:

When a new spot appears or I can feel it coming it can be sore and sensitive, in the past I have used the old toothpaste tip and applied it over night which does help to stop the spot developing by drying it out, but it is too drying but me, yes it helps but does replace one problem with another as I am left with dry patches. This is where my new method comes into play, ICE! Totally inexpensive and soothing method for reducing the appearance
of spots.

Here's how I have been using ice on my skin

Step 1: Take some ice cubes (1 per spot)
Step 2: Wrap in a paper towel (Never apply directly on the skin-risk of ice burn)
Step 3: Place on affected area until ice melts and area goes numb (I have heard different things about how long to leave it own for, I personally just like to leave it on until it melts or until the affected area feels numb.
Step 4: Wash face and pat dry

Ice helps to reduce the inflammation of the spot and helps to soothe it. It is also good for helping the skin appear more plump and fresh.

This is by no means a cure, it simply aids in the healing process. 

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